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THUNDERBOLT: An American Tale vol.1


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Dying is part of the plan.


He’s one of the most controversial figures in American history—Captain John Brown. As a young boy, he swore he’d dedicate his life to the struggle against slavery.  He embarked on a mission, along with his brood and like-minded fellow Americans, to be mild with the mild, shrewd with the crafty, confiding to the honest, rough to the ruffian and to the liar-- a THUNDERBOLT!

19th century.  Old John Brown is on a mission from God to eliminate slavery from US soil. Some call him a terrorist and a madman, others a hero and a prophet. Old Brown leaves the battleground of Kansas heading east to assemble a motley crew of 21 men to raid the town’s armory, with the end goal of arming and abetting black slaves across the south to rise against their masters. Brown and his gang’s zealotry for the cause against slavery were beyond self-sacrifice and if dying is part of the plan, surrender certainly was not an option.

From author and illustrator, Wilfred Santiago, creator of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel, Michael Jordan: Bull On Parade and 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente.


Suggested for mature readers.


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“Mr. Santiago is an important and unique voice in the world of art and comix!!! THUNDERBOLT is further evidence of his stature”

GEOF DARROW, Shaolin Cowboy

“John Brown's intense, inspired personality is revealed through dialogue and correspondence”


“We need compelling stories of our past like THUNDERBOLT to wake us all to our present. What a gift!”


“A firecracker exploration about our national origins”

— ILAN STAVANS, Don Quijote of La Mancha GN

Cauliflower and Kale Soup



The astonishing journey of the greatest basketball player of all time and his evolution into the biggest icon of the 20th century. Michael Jordan’s resumé on the court is impeccable, not only is he the greatest basketball player of all time, but also one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation, creating a cult of personality that transcended sports and made him one of the most recognizable figures in global popular culture.

Wilfred Santiago, author of the acclaimed 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente, turns his expressionistic eye toward Jordan’s exceptional life—from his childhood in North Carolina through his legendary basketball career and beyond.  This well-rounded portrait captures the physical grace of Jordan the athlete like no author ever has before and doesn’t shy away from Jordan’s personal struggles off the court.


"The artwork pulsates with an effervescent visceral jolt" —CHICAGO TRIBUNE

 "Strong, tightly-written narrative" —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

 "This book breathes with potent comic book electricity" —PASTE MAGAZINE

 "I'm a spiteful Knicks fan… But, damn, Santiago even makes those nightmares look dope" —DEADSPIN


Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

21 The Story of Roberto Clemente


Wilfred Santiago’s instant classic 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente is a human drama of courage, faith, and dignity, inspired by the life of the acclaimed Pittsburgh Pirates baseball star. 21 chronicles Clemente's life from his early days growing up, through the highlights of his career, capturing the grit of his rise from an impoverished Puerto Rican childhood to the majesty of his performance on the field, and to his fundamental decency off of the field. Santiago's inviting style combines realistic attention to detail and expressive cartooning to great effect.


“Fresh innovative telling” —SPORTS ILLUSTRATED  

“Wilfred Santiago's 21 is brilliant and beautiful, challenging and lyrical" —ESPN

“Exuberantly expressive" —A.V. CLUB

"21 is a mammoth achievement” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

"[A] fitting and vital tribute” —LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS 


“There are so many ways to draw a triangle before it stops being a triangle. So the question is: ‘What is the triangle's purpose?’ ”


fresh innovative telling.

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